Update to v0.971
A new iteration of PyTom available for download.
Several bugs were reported and fixed by users of the mail list.

Update to v0.97
A new PyTom version is ready for download.
Bunch of installation problems were fixed since v0.963. Don’t hesitate to contact the mail list if you have troubles with the package.

Tool update!
Download the newest Quicklook plugins to quickly browse through your data!

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Webserver accepted!
We are proud to publish the first ever data-processing webserver in CEM / CET, The paper was officially accepted in NAR 2015 today.

Update to v0.963
A new round of PyTom updates that made it to a new stable release.

  • New iterative reconstruction workflow, read more about it here
  • Bugfix in local alignment strategy
  • Fixed a problem with wedge rotation
  • Fixed Fourier rescale method
  • New helical symmetry prototype implementation for alignment

Update to v0.962
The newest PyTom update contains the following features

  • More efficient LocalSampling strategy enabled
  • Fixed a temporary speed bottleneck to regain performance
  • Average function and script ( ) now accept a subset of particles
  • XML files will be annotated with current PyTom version
  • Update does not require a recompile

Update to v0.961:

Merry Christmas everyone!

We updated a couple of features for in the current version 0.961:

  • better PDB2EM functionality
  • deleted obsolete functions
  • improved documentation for some functions
  • added detailed instruction for compiling the package on CentOS 6.1
  • no need to recompile if you update through Git

Update to v0.96:

Documentation is now consistent with our tutorial dataset.

Other updates include:

  • FRM is compatible with FFTW3 (no FFTW2 required)
  • Better sequential alignment support
  • Minor package compatibilities improved
  • Documentation slides are available

PyTom won the Heinz-Billing Prize 2013!

PyTom was awarded a scientific software prize 2013 from the Max Planck Society.

Update to v0.953:

Immediate release after the PyTom workshop at the DFKI in Saarbrücken. Contains all bug fixes from the three days long session and some ramped up documentation.

Participants processed Localization, Real-space & FRM Alignment and Classification on their data successfully.

We are currently working on the documentation to release v0.96 along with new tutorial files.

Update to v0.952:

We fixed a couple of bugs since the last version. Get it here.

Recent changes:

  • Renamed angle objects to GlobalSampling (AngleFromFile) and LocalSampling (EquidistantList)
  • Deleted directory entry for particle list objects
  • Documentation of file conversion scripts (em2mrc,…) improved
  • Fixed taper function bug in projection alignment
  • Small things in documentation and tutorial

Update to v0.951:

With 0.951 we added some bug fixes and changes:

  • No global wedge required for alignment jobs, particle wedge will be used during alignment. Make sure it’s set for old particle lists!
  • Particle wedge will be automatically set in extract candidates, particles inherit the tomogram wedge they came from.
  • Moved default repository directory two levels up
  • Taper function issues fixed
  • Reconstruction script fixed for parameter names
  • Fixed compile integration of FRM if no FRM is present

Recent update to v0.95:

Version 0.95 is released on Apr. 18th, 2013, highlighting the new fast subtomogram alignment procedures. Please checkout the latest version at sourceforge!